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Lake Lydia near Quitman, Tx.
Site No.68
241 CR 3237
Quitman, Texas 75783

The above  pictures display a quaint lakeside cabin on beautiful Lake Lydia.

This home is perfect for weekend use.   It is located about 100 miles east of Dallas, Texas, and is approximately 12 miles from Lake Fork.

This cottage is approximately 1250 sq/ft including the screened in porch.   It has two bathrroms, one with claw-foot tub and the other with a large shower.  The master bedroom is  on the immediate left when you enter the home and the kitchen is on the immediate right from the entryway.   The  main room is arranged to have twin beds in one end and the sitting room on the other.  The house  has been opened up in order to have a full view of the lake from any room.
The screened back porch is approximately 14' wide X 28' long and gives you a wonderful living area with stunning views of the lake, with the special bonus of spectacular sunsets. It was made for entertaining our wonderful community . The porch has curtains that are easily closed  when desired.

The house is heated with propane fuel and space heaters.  It is cooled with two window units that are inatalled through the wall, rather than a window.

We are selling the home with it's furnishings.
We will be taking a few personal items.

The price of the cottage includes a fishing boat and a paddle boat along with all of the items in our toolshed (often called mini-Home Depot)

This cabin is located on Lake Lydia, a private club lake.  Membership approval is required. The lake covers approximately 100 acres and has produced many catches of Largemouth Black Bass. The hardwood trees display a beautiful array of colors in the fall.  The springtime dogwood blooms make this area a very popular tourist attraction.  The last picture displayed shows the lake in the fall.

For more details or to schedule an appointment to view the property, call (972) 416-6461. 

This property is for sale by owner.

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We bought this cabin in 1993.  We had  visited Lake Lydia for several years during dogwood season and fell in love with the area. It seemed to take us a step back into a  simpler period of time where  childhood memories  have remained indelable in our mind.  When our kids went off to college, we bought the cabin.

Lake Lydia was built in the late 1940's and has retained much of the charm from that period.  We suspect that our cottage was built in the early 1950's when the simple pleasures of life exceeded one's  expetations.  Fortunately, Lake Lydia
still has that effect.

We have worked hard for 19 years to maintain the home in a fashion that  is true to its origin.

The home is furnished with many time time appropriate pieces, including collections  that were brought into the cabin for the specific reason of maintaining its historical charm.

As we age, we all  learn that our lives and our lifestyles have to adapt to each period.  It is time for us to move on to the next phase and leave our Lake Lydia  experience to someone who will cherish it in a deserving fashion as much as we.

Having a place at Lake Lydia is much more than owning a cabin in the woods. It is a once in a lifetime adventure that brings on a peace of mind  that is hard to find .  It's going to sleep at night while thinking of the beautiful fall foliage, the anticipation of the first signs of springtime or, perhaps, seeing a Bald Eagle dive into the lake for his meal.

If you're looking for a place loaded with charm,  a warm community, great fishing  and a seasonal extravaganza,  we suggest you take a look.

Again,  we're not  just selling a cabin, we're selling an adventure and a lifestyle.

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Miss Pinky Rose in full bloom
Photo taken April 11, 2012
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